LabVision® Licensing model

modified: 2012-04-17 TSC,HBr

Previous licensing model and package check up to LabVision® 2.10

  1. LabVision software packages up to and including version 2.10.1.x always consisted of a mixture of hardware and software licence keys. Each package had one or more MSR/LabManager assigned to it. The MSR/LabManager took the role of a licence key, which terminated the software upon detecting inappropriate devices. If the LabVision software package only included third-party devices or corresponding PNK drivers it was the task of the dongle to provide the licence key.

  2. In order to connect a MSRSIM/HISIM emulator a seperate dongle was necessary. This also applied to LabVision systems where two or more MSR/LabManager had to be connected. Those dongles were included when ordering.

  3. The demo and educational version of LabVision did not require a dongle. Those versions only had some runtime-restricted features enabled.

  4. If LabVision was started without a valid package check (by the Manager or dongle) all configurated PNK drivers were automatically executed in simulation mode.

New licensing model and package check for LabVision® 2.11 and higher

  1. The fixed allocation of HiTec-PNKs (MSR/LabManager) to LabVision software packages has been completely removed. Instead of this each software package now includes exactly one licence package dongle.
  2. Each LabVision installation can now have installed as many customised software packages as you wish. These packages can be installed all at once by using the automatically generated package collection. Customers with several LabVision packages do not have to download several single files this way. Alternatively each package can be downloaded seperately. Afterwards the each package or package collection can be added to the LabVision installation by executing the corresponding installation program.

    Directorystructure of the software packages:

    Up to version 2.10 Version 2.11 and higher
    …\HiTec\global\htoption\ …\HiTec\global\htoption\
    <files of the installed package> <files of the collection package or the last package installed>
    as well as sub-directories with the names of the used packages, e.g.:
    <files for package > LV1343121
      <files for package > MSR1024
      \OPC-XYZ \
      <files for package > OPC-XYZ

    The structure of the packages and their files is compatible with previous versions, except for some content changes. The software package can be installed manually by copying the files of the package to the correctly named sub-directory.

  3. Every LabVision software package has uniquely assigned a licence dongle to it. The Application manager identifies and uses this package on executing the autostart. By changing the dongle it is possible to switch the LabVision software package. It it not recommended changing the dongle while a project is active, because we cannot guarantee the operability of the system, especially if the licenced options of the used packages differ.

  4. To distinguish the new software packages from the old ones every newly purchased package (version 2.11 and higher) has a package name starting with the two letters LV followed by a seven digit number (e.g. LV1266011 = LabVision package 1266011). The names of the utilised MSR profile files (@MSR1211) remain unchanged and are assigned to the device numbers.

  5. NEW: All software packages can now include an expiration date, making it possible to activate software options for a limited time (for trial purposes). Upon reaching this date the Application manager invalidates the package.

  6. As with the old licensing model a special dongle is necessary to run the MSRSIM/HISIM emulator.

  7. The number of simultaneously connectable HiTec Zang devices is defined in a LabVision package by the new options PNKCOUNT=n, where n equals the number of PNK devices. This option corresponds to the number of bought SL-PNKMSR drivers plus one, because one MSRPNK driver is included with the basic package. If the option SL-FREMDPNK is licenced the option PNKCOUNT is set to zero and it it not possible to connect a HiTec Zang device. A HiTec Zang device can be a MSR/LabManager, as well as the new Soft-Emulator Manager and Soft-Emulator Boxes, which are connected via the IP-PNK driver and require additional "Software-Manager dongles" for activation.

  8. The validation and selection of each software package is done by the licence dongle. If the dongle is disconnected at runtime the Application manager demands to reconnect the dongle after at latest 5 minutes. If this does not happen in the next 5 minutes the LabVision software will automatically be shut down.
    If another valid licence dongle is connected to the system, the Application manager will perform a restart using the new software package.

  9. We offer an letter of save-conduct against the loss of dongles.

  10. By using the licence dongles it it now allowed to install the LabVision software several times on different computers. But the usage of the software with connected automation devices is only possible (and allowed) on a computer that has connected the assigned dongle to it.